(no subject)

I've been told that I'm a perfect 29.

Loved seeing your nubbs.

...or are they nibbs...

oh well...

15 for 2, 4, 6, and 8  
lena's who we appreciate

To: Subject: Fan-mail Hi Lena. Just another fan-(e)mail, from Norway this time. Have an excellent summer! Life is a cabaret! Peace & Love Arne

To: Subject: hard 2 handle I think you should try 12 inches and call me in the morning.

To: Subject: Hi Hi Lena Just downloaded the pictures of you and they are great. You have a very toned body, I love to look at you. Ever tought about doing a movie? Would would be great. Bye

To: just hi hi there ms lena, i'm smooth operator new to the internet and boy i read about u and then i seen this picture i said to myself man i would be lucky to have a friend like yourself,, lets keep in touch

To: I'm in Love Bay area Here I Come yesss!

To: (no subject) Know what, you are pretty as hell!

To: (no subject) lena, do you have any pics of your wet cunt and closeups of your ass you can give me ??

To: (no subject) Hey Lena, Just thought I'd drop a line and compliment you on your, uh, home-page. Not that I did't notice your, uh, well, uh, drop-dead-figure, but well, uh,....Say, you were just kidding about not getting nasty e-mail weren't you? Anyway, if you got the time, drop me a line and let me know what's on your mind. I'm a (former) graduate student and potential (gulp) lawyer, looking to meet new and exciting people, or those about my age. Such as yourself. BTW, I was born in Cincinnati, which I'm sure you've heard of. For now, Ciao, -Leo

To: Subject: NONE PS... What is a Wall Dance ?

To: Subject: 1st night I just wanted to tell you that you are a very beautiful woman! Thank you for helping make my first night on the 'net' an enjoyable one!!!

To: Subject: Bravo!!!! You are INCRECIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Alberto

To: Subject: Cool Page Dear Lena, Cool page one of the best on the WEB. Great bod if your ever in Orlando email me. I know you appreciate my third leg 24 hand the other to win the game and the cash. Tell Fatass best site on the web ! Bruce

To: Subject: Cribbage I think it is really cool that you play cribbage. Hell I brought a computer so that I could play cribbage more often, brought one of those DOS card programs that plays cribbage and gin. My grandfather taught me how to play, how about yourself. Have a nice day and hope you score no 19s, Phil