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El briefo bio

I was born in a miniature town called Bethlehem. Not the one with Virgins and mangers- rather, the one in Pennsylvania. Not much happens there, really, though I did almost drown in a hurricane-Gloria-swollen Monocacy Creek. Bethlehem is a rust-belt sort of place, where drinking is a varsity sport and you've made it if you own a cabin in the Poconos. Here's a map.

Don't get me wrong, though- I sure miss the pizza.

I went to Carnegie Mellon University, which is not the hippest school in the world, but will give you a decent education for the cost of a small house.

I've relocated to Northern California, where I work as golf pro for a large computer corporation (which shall remain anonymous, pending the outcome of current RICO litigation).

Interests of a scurvy dog called TA

Other than that, I actually like cooking, lifting weights, reading reformationist German philosophy, and sniffing paint thinner.

Psychological profile

They wrote a book about me. Check it out.


Nothing fancy, but they get me around...

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