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 Name:	          	FatAss
 A.K.A.:          	The FatAss
 Specialities:		Tiramisu, Speaking in Tongues 
 Quote of the Month:	"That shit makes you itch!"
 Once said:		"Suck it up there... Fat-Boyee!"
 Goal in Life:		To have the most hardware in the bedroom.

   Name:	          TA
   A.K.A.:          	  The Big Bald Guy 
   Specialities:	  OS/2
   Quote of the Month:	  "Let's ROCK!!!!!!!!"
   Once said:		  "Hey!  I am a nice guy, you little shit!"
   Goal in Life:	  Bass fishing and RV Camping with John Madden

   Name:	          JP
   A.K.A.		  Gimp
   Specialities:	  Subnets
   Quote of the Month:	  "T-10's are pretty nutty."
   Once said:		  "Don't EVEN go there!"
   Goal in Life:	  Break as many appliances as possible

   Name:	          D-Nice
   A.K.A.		  My Pretty Pony
   Specialities:	  Dope
   Quote of the Month:	  "Well... It's not funny now."
   Once said:		  "Not guilty your honor!"  and   "Call Me"
   Goal in Life:	  To get Nice... REAL Nice

  Name:	          	 Anderino
  A.K.A.		 Mr. Wood
  Specialities:		 Tax Evasion, 3D Font Rendering
  Quote of the Month:	 "It wasn't me!"
  Once said:		 "Foon, pass the ketchup."
  Goal in Life:		 Live happily ever after

   Name:	          Optimal
   A.K.A.		  The Crazy Castillian
   Specialities:	  Safety Inspections, Screen Saver Discos
   Quote of the Month:	  "In real life, Arnold is still tiny."
   Once said:		  "Who's wearing my tank-top?"
   Goal in Life:          Optimal Living Conditions

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