Lena's Home Page

   Name:	          Lena
   A.K.A.:          	  Chest
   Specialities:	  Wall Dances
   Quote of the Month:	  "Take me to the beach and rip my cloths off?"
   Once said:		  "Bouncer..  Throw this creep out on his ass"
   Goal in Life:	  Strip for the President of the United States

My Bio

"I was born in a small town in Ohio and moved out to SoCal to study film at UCLA. I quit school when I realized that Hollywood was one big Old Boys network. I moved up to the SF Bay Area and started dating a guy who was _way_ into nudism. I really liked it, and the Bay Area is chock full of wonderful places to tan in the buff. I first met the Fatass at B.J. Bulls in Mtn. View, where I worked for a month as a waitress. He and his computer nerd friends would come in for lunch every Thursday. They weren't exactly brilliant conversationalists, but they tipped pretty well.

He set me up on my ancient Mac for net-surfing, and here I am! I am dating, but not really serious about anyone. I like 49'ers games and I'm addicted to Cribbage (it's a card game). If you know how to 'make up the crib', we really need to talk. Send me some mail (but nothing nasty, please hehe)!"

Here's a picture of me CLICK

I work at a dance club in the City, but prefer to take my cloths off outdoors
Here are some of my favorite letters...
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